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aintnopeace's Journal

7 May
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I'm currently single if any wants 2 know. I just havent met any 1 who was interested in me recently and by recently i mean this life time. I was watching the movie coyote ugly the other nite, the phrase is when u wake up from a nite out and the person next 2 u is so ugly u just wanna knaw of yer arm 2 get away with out risking waking them, that would probably explain y it is I wake up on a severed arm every morning. I'd been wondering about that, i'd go out at nite have a few drinks,and next thing i now im on a severed arm. was I the worlds biggest serial killer and didnt even know it? but on the other hand if u need an arm transplant im yer man, i got arms of lengths, colors and sizes.
But honestly i would like 2 have some 1's hips 2 make hurt... and not get chrged with a misdamenor for it (that 1's 4 u rochelle lol)
In hs i got mad chicks... U know chicks that were mad that they'd ended up on a date with me. There was this 1 girl I liked, but i didnt know how 2 break the ice, how 2 introduce myself. So i kidnapped her, I thought it would be a good way 2 beak the ice, 2 get know each other in a private setting. It didnt really work but she'll come crawling back.... just as soon as the stockholm syndrome sets in. thank u u've been a great audience enjoy my journal